Maschine Advanced

Advanced Maschine Techniques and Experimentation

Following the Maschine 101 and Maschine 201 we wanted to provide an area to quickly get a condensed view of some of the more advanced tutorial topics here at MT.

As with the other courses, this outline does not contain every “advanced” video we have….not even close!  But it’s a great place to start!

* We always encourage you to use the site’s search engine and category list to find more instruction and tutorials on the various topics we cover.

This outline is for those that have a full grasp and working knowledge of Maschine, and are looking for more advanced ways to use and abuse this wonderful platform.


1. Advanced sampling and sample manipulation

2. Advanced sequencing and arranging

3. Deeper sound design techniques

4. Advanced FX routing, creation, and automation

5. Advanced DAW integration

6. Advanced use of third party plugins

7. Advanced saving and exporting tips

Maschine Tutorials