DAW & Host Integration

These tutorials cover the various aspects of DAW integration such as audio routing, midi routing, applying fx, sequencing, program changes, etc when using Maschine.

Recording Maschine Automation in Cubase 10

Yo what’s good MT Fam! Got a question in the forum on how to record automation from Maschine parameters into Cubase 10, so I downloaded the demo and checked it out. This is for those using the Maschine plugin inside of Cubase and you want to automate parameters from Maschine or plugins loaded in Maschine. […]

Using Maschine as a Sound Module in FL Studio

If you prefer to sequencing and arrange inside of FL Studio, but like the sounds and browser in Maschine, then this video will help you understand the settings you need to configure in order to route MIDI to the Maschine plugin as well as route audio out of Maschine into the FL Studio mixer. This […]

Using Maschine as a Sound Module in Ableton Live 10

Integrating Maschine as a plugin inside of Ableton Live has always been a popular combination. Unfortunately the MIDI configuration inside of Maschine has changed quite a bit through various updates. Even though the process is pretty much the same as far a integration, some of the settings may look a little different. As this is […]

Mapping Maschine MK3 to Control Parameters in Ableton Live 10

Yo what’s good MT fam! Got a question from a member on how to map the Maschine MK3 controller to parameters in Ableton Live 10. I explained it to them directly but figured it would be good to do a video for others that may have the same question. Fortunately, mapping in Ableton Live is pretty […]

Maschine 2.7 Recording MIDI From Kits Into Ableton Live 10

Since the new changes to routing MIDI in Maschine I’ve been getting a lot of question on how to record MIDI into Live properly. I put together this updated video to show how you can record MIDI from your groups in Maschine 2.7 into clips or tracks in Ableton Live 10. I go through the […]

Maschine 2.6 – Sequencing Multiple MIDI Tracks in Reaper

Recently had a question on a previous Reaper video about sequencing multiple MIDI tracks from the Maschine plugin so I did an updated video with the current version of Maschine and Reaper. In this video I go over the routing and settings in Maschine as well as in Reaper. If you’re using Maschine as a […]

How to Setup Maschine in Logic X Quick & Easy

This is an updated video on setting up Maschine 2 inside of Logic X. We actually get questions on the Logic/Maschine combo quite often so Knock put together an updated video that makes the process much easier. Of course as usual, if you have any questions feel free to hit us up directly in the […]

Using the Mackie control template with Cubase Pro 8.5

Yo what’s good fam! Got a question about how to setup the Mackie template for transport control in Cubase 8 I’m using 8.5 in this video but the process should be the same for any version of Cubase 8 as long as you have access to configure the devices. Check it out As always, if you […]

Maschine Tutorials