Saving & Exporting

These tutorials cover how to save and export your projects, songs, and data for use outside of Maschine.

Maschine 2.0: How to save your patterns for use with other projects and groups

One of the things that was removed in Maschine 2.0 is the ability to save and browse your patterns from the browser. I know alot of people used this feature to create ideas and song starters that they could quickly recall later. Well, even though we no longer can save actual “pattern files” there’s still […]

How to export projects, sounds, and groups as audio files in Maschine 2.0

So what do you do once you have your project laid out like you want it in Maschine? Most of the time you want to turn it into an audio track or tracks. In Maschine 2.o they have added some features that make it much faster to get everything out of your projects as audio […]

How to save your projects in Maschine 2.0

This is a simple file management thing but for those new to Maschine in general and not just Maschine 2.0 we want to make sure you understand all the options for saving your project. Now this doesn’t export your project as audio, this simply saves your project file so you can open and work on […]

Saving default project templates – updated

I did a video showing how to save default project templates a while ago, but NI has updated the process since then so I wanted to redo it for those that were getting confused by the old video. This process is useful if you always setup certain things like fx, instruments, or routings, or maybe […]

Maschine Quick Tip – The MIDI Export Menu

Just a quick video on something you may or may not be familiar with or even realize is there. Just like with audio, where you can drag and drop or export audio to get it out of Maschine, you also have two options to get MIDI out of Maschine. Along with MIDI drag and drop, […]

Exporting your iMaschine projects into Maschine

Sup fam, been getting more and more questions on how to export projects from iMaschine into your computer so you can open and work on them in Maschine. I must admit, this is one of my favorite features of iMaschine, aside from the workflow, the fact that I know I can finish it up in […]

How to export slices and chops as individual wave files

Many people have asked for ways to use Maschine as an audio editor. Meaning they want to sample and chop, but export the chops, not the full wave file. The way Maschine handles chops, it just sets the start and end point in the full file, so when you save a kit in maschine from […]

How to backup the Maschine database

This tutorial shows you how to backup your Maschine database. This is important to do from time to time as it contains all your tags and settings. It’s also something I suggest you do anytime your are about to apply an update to the software. So before you install an update of any kind, save […]

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