FX & Audio Routing

These tutorials cover effects and audio routing, as well as using effects to adjust the sound of your projects in Maschine.

How To Copy FX Between Groups

What’s good MT Fam! Got a question from a member on how to copy fx between groups in Maschine, so I just put together this quick video to show the process. There are a couple of ways to do it, and really it just depends on your own preference and how you like to work. […]

Maschine Mikro – How To Use FX On The Whole Group

What’s good MT Family? Had a question from a member on using FX at the group level directly from the Maschine Mikro. I put together a quick video showing how this is done for those new to the Mikro specifically or just looking for a refresher. Of course let me know if you have any […]

Maschine Jam Using the Performance FX

Another popular feature of the new Maschine 2.5 update and Maschine Jam is the introduction of performance fx. A lot of people are interested and/or asking about this so I put together a video to make sure the MT Fam is aware of how they work and how to use them. Even if you don’t […]

Routing Polyplex to individual channels in Maschine

I recently received a question from an MT member on how to route individual sounds from Polyplex into separate channels inside Maschine’s mixer. Doing this allows you to apply plugins and effects to separate sounds from Polyplex as well as control the volume level and panning directly in the Maschine mixer interface. Once you understand […]

Routing Multiple Channels of Dope VST Beat Machine to Maschine’s Mixer

Hey what’s good fam? Got a question about routing multiple audio channels from Dope VST Beat Machine drum plugin into Maschine’s mixer. I use this plugin a lot, as it has a bunch of gritty hip hop kits I can pull up quickly. I usually get asked how I have it routed in Maschine since […]

Maschine 2 Adding Filter Movement Using an LFO

Hey what’s good fam! Had a question in the forum about how to add movement to a filter without using automation. This is a really easy thing to do using an LFO. In this video I show how to use the internal filter module to set this up. As always if you have questions on […]

How to setup the Mouth as a vocal effect in Maschine 2

Hey what’s good fam! This is a follow up to the video I did on how to setup Razor as a Vocoder in Maschine 2. This one is showing how to setup a similar configuration using The Mouth. Again, in Maschine 2 the routing is much easier thanks to having the input option directly on […]

Using Maschine 2 as an FX plugin in Ableton Live 9

Hey what’s good MT Fam? Got another question about using Maschine 2 in Ableton, specifically how to use it as an FX plugin on a track in Ableton. In this tutorial I show you how to set it up as needed, it’s pretty quick to do there are just a few things you need to […]

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