Maschine 2.6.9 – Sequencing in FL Studio

Once again Native Instruments made an update that changes how MIDI works, there is a bug with the MIDI routing for those that use Maschine as a plugin, the mixer view and group input/output settings aren’t properly in sync. Hopefully they are working on a fix, but for now Knock put together this video to […]

Maschine MK3 – Hardware Overview & Sampling Workflow

The Maschine MK3 is almost ready to hit the stores. Knock already has his and shares his thoughts about the controller overall, the features and layout, as well as shows some of the sampling workflow with the built in interface. New screens, interface, new button layout…what do you guys think about the MK3 so far? […]

Maschine MK3 First Look & Interview With Maschine Product Manager

I’m sure you’ve heard the news of the new Maschine MK3 controller (and the new Komplete Kontrol MK2), there’s always plenty of excitement surrounding the latest Maschine release. I was invited to New York to get a personal demo of the new unit and while I was there I spent some time asking Maschine Product […]

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