External Sounds & Instruments

These tutorials focus on showing how to integrate external synths, modules, and other instruments with Maschine.

Maschine 2.7.3 – Audio Loop Recording & Workflow With External Gear

For those that have been in the MT fam for a while, or even if you’ve seen me around the net over the years, you know that audio loop recording is something I’ve wanted in Maschine since it first dropped in 2009. I’ve tried many different workarounds, and even with the audio module addition I […]

Maschine 2.7 – Using The Audio Plug-in With External Gear

Hey what’s good MT fam! Just a quick workflow video I wanted to share as I was messing around last night seeing how the audio plug-in would fit into my normal workflow of capturing external gear in Maschine. As you may know, I like to use sync sampling to capture my gear, and for a […]

How to sync and record MIDI from Arturia BeatStep into Maschine

Hey what’s good fam! Hope all is well! I was playing around last night with the BeatStep and from Arturia and thought I’d share how I use it with Maschine. It’s a really simple setup but can be a fun way to come up with new and creative sequences for your sounds given the different […]

Maschine 2.0 MIDI out to sequence external gear

Here’s a quick video showing how to setup MIDI output to your external synth gear when using Maschine 2.0, in this video I’m using the Korg Volca Keys We’ve covered MIDI output in a few different videos, but I wanted to do a really basic one showing how to use it for sequencing external gear. […]

Maschine 2.0 routing multiple channels of Reason 7 Audio and Midi using Rewire

We’ve been getting a lot of questions from the Reason users on any updates to how we can use Reason with Maschine 2.0 Luckily there have been some improvements with the MIDI and Audio routing in Maschine 2 so that it’s much easier to use multiple channels of Reason in Maschine. In this video I […]

Recording audio from the Access Virus TI via USB

Hey what’s good fam! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Just sharing a public video I put out showing how to sample or record audio from the Access Virus TI via USB. Been helping a few people get their Virus up and running with Maschine lately and wanted to show the alternative to recording the […]

Using the Virus TI synthesizer in Maschine

Hey what’s good fam! Got another hardware workflow video for you. In this tutorial I show my workflow of using the Virus TI inside of Maschine. I get a lot of questions from folks that still use hardware and want to incorporate it with Maschine, so I want to share my workflow with hardware as […]

Recording live audio tracks from external synths and other instruments

Hey just another tutorial showing how to get “pseudo” audio tracks in Maschine Knock showed this method when doing vocals and I just want to show it for those using external synths and instruments as the questions was asked how to record your keyboards into Maschine Sometimes you don’t want to deal with MIDI, and […]

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