MIDI Routing & Setup Tutorials

These Maschine tutorials focus on the aspect of midi routing and using midi both internally and externally with software and external instruments.

How to Layer Instruments in Maschine 2.7

Hey what’s up MT fam! Got a question from a member on how to play layered instruments within the same group in Maschine. I previously did a video showing this but MIDI routing has changed since then, so I put together this quick video to show how it works. Of course if you have any […]

How to Setup Roli Blocks in Maschine with Stoni

What’s good MT fam! In this video Stoni shows how to setup and use Roli Seaboard and Lightpad Blocks with Maschine. This is a small and portable way to add extra MIDI controllers to your Maschine setup. Be sure to follow and connect with Stoni online Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/stonismusic/ Twitter – https://twitter.com/StonisMusic YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/stonismusic […]

Maschine 2.7 Recording MIDI From Kits Into Ableton Live 10

Since the new changes to routing MIDI in Maschine I’ve been getting a lot of question on how to record MIDI into Live properly. I put together this updated video to show how you can record MIDI from your groups in Maschine 2.7 into clips or tracks in Ableton Live 10. I go through the […]

Maschine 2.6.9 – Sequencing in FL Studio

Once again Native Instruments made an update that changes how MIDI works, there is a bug with the MIDI routing for those that use Maschine as a plugin, the mixer view and group input/output settings aren’t properly in sync. Hopefully they are working on a fix, but for now Knock put together this video to […]

Maschine Studio Recording Parameter Lock Snapshot Changes Internally

Hey what’s good MT Fam! In this video Knock shares a hack for being able to actually sequence/record your parameter lock snapshots so that you can actually automate your performance. Until they actually make it possible to do this natively in Maschine, this hack is an easy way to get it done and opens up […]

Step Sequencing Battery 4 in Maschine from Individual Pads

Hey what’s good MT Fam! I did a tutorial for using Battery 4 inside of Maschine, specifically in response to a question on how to step sequence Battery in Maschine. Of course by default Battery is played in keyboard mode, so if you were to step sequence that you would have to change the note […]

Maschine drag and drop melodies into Studio One 3

What’s good MT fam? After I did a video on using Maschine as a module in Studio One 3, I got a question on how to get your melodies into Studio One if you’ve already done them in Maschine. Of course MIDI drag and drop is the answer here, and I put together a quick […]

Using Maschine 2.3 Chord Mode in Bitwig Studio

Hey what’s good fam! Got a question from a fam member on how to use Maschine as a chord generator in Bitwig Studio. Now Bitwig has a lot of flexible routing options and what you do will be different depending on what you’re trying to acheive. No worries though, this video will show you exactly how […]

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