Maschine MK1 Tutorials

Tutorial videos showing how to access various features and functions of the original Maschine MK1 hardware controller.

Maschine MK1 Sampling Workflow with 2.4.6 Software

Yo what’s good MT fam! Had some questions in the forum from the fam using the Maschine MK1 with the latest software, they wanted to see the basic process of sampling. This video just shows the workflow of setting up your audio inputs, sampling, chopping, and then putting together a quick pattern. Of course there […]

How to Access Chord Mode on the MK1 Controller

Hey what’s good fam? Just a quick video today for the MK1 users, I got a question about accessing chord mode on the Maschine MK1 controller. Accessing the chord mode is the same on all of the controllers, but sometimes seeing it done on your specific controller can help you understand the concept better. As […]

Maschine 1.8 Tip – audition samples from the hardware

Hey what’s good fam, another quick tip from the new Maschine 1.8 software update You can now preview/audition your samples directly from the hardware, I want to show you my method of using it and a few tips in terms of how it works *access instantly when you join today!

Adjusting hardware settings directly from the controller

Yo what’s good fam! This is just a quick tip to show you how to adjust the hardware controller settings directly from the controller. Many are aware you can adjust things like brightness, pad sensitivity, and screen contrast from the software preferences, but you can also do this directly from the Maschine controller. Sometimes you […]

Using the step sequencer: programming a house beat

Yo what’s good MT Fam? This tutorial is focused on step sequencing with the original Maschine controller It differs from the Mikro in a few ways in terms of the controls and some of the wording you get, same basic concept though You can definitely get a bit more control over your groove and specific […]

Using split and compare to quickly undo and duplicate patterns

What’s good MT Fam, just wanted to put a video together showing how to use split and compare features in maschine. Yes I have my own ideas of how it should work, and how it would be better implemented, but it’s still useful as it is and I wanted to show how to get the […]

Maschine Mikro vs Maschine size comparison

This is just another general Maschine Mikro video I wanted to do for the community as a whole. It’s a free video I posted on YouTube showing the size comparison between Mikro and original Maschine I also compare it to a Beat Thang, Emu Mp7, a laptop, and my 49 key midi controller

How to configure Maschine as a midi controller for Ableton Drum Racks

This is a tutorial on setting up Maschine as a simple midi controller to play Ableton drum racks from the pads. I show how to create the new template in controller editor and assign the notes for triggering the proper pads Once you assign the proper notes to the pads you can quickly switch from […]

Maschine Tutorials