How to setup the Mouth as a vocal effect in Maschine 2

Hey what’s good fam! This is a follow up to the video I did on how to setup Razor as a Vocoder in Maschine 2. This one is showing how to setup a similar configuration using The Mouth. Again, in Maschine 2 the routing is much easier thanks to having the input option directly on […]

How to setup Razor as a vocoder in Maschine 2

Hey what’s good fam! Got a question on how to use Razor as a vocoder inside of Maschine 2. It’s actually a little bit easier to setup in Maschine 2 thanks to the way routing is setup on each pad. You can do this from the mixer or directly in the channel section on the […]

Maschine 2.0 using FL Studio as a plugin to sync vocals and acapellas

This video is for those that like to work with vocals and acapellas, doing remixes or building up tracks around a vocal. It shows how to use FL Studio as a plugin inside of Maschine 2.0, so that you can load your vocals (or any other audio) inside of FL Studio and have it sync […]

How to sample vocals through a vocoder in Maschine (using Razor)

Hey what’s good MT Fam? I just wanted to post a follow up video to the one I did on how to use a vocoder in Maschine I got some questions after that video asking how to actually sample your vocals once you’re running them through the vocoder (or any plugin for that matter) So […]

How to setup a vocoder plugin in Maschine (using NI Razor)

Hey what’s good fam! Got some questions on using vocoder plugins inside of Maschine so I made a quick tutorial to show you how to set it all up using NI Razor Fortunately, setting up a vocoder is really simple to do in Maschine, just a couple settings and you’re ready to go. *access this […]

Snoop Sensual Seduction Remix explained

What’s up MT family, just wanted to share another one of my popular remixes with you, explain what I did and share the file with you so you can play around with it. This is a remix I did a while back on youtube for Snoop’s Sensual Seduction check it out!

saintjoe production process – song concept for Readywritter

So, since folks asked and seem to like the production workflow videos too, I wanted to share one with ya. this is something I was working on this afternoon for one of my good friends who is also an emcee I work with When making a track sometimes I feel it’s for a certain person, […]

Lady Gaga Acapella Hip Hop Remix

Another tutorial showing how to use acapellas and make remixes directly in Maschine This is more of a hip hop/urban type of track but the concept is the same for working with acapellas in all types of music.

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