Maschine 2 Quickstart

cropped-NI_Maschine_Studio_Topview.jpgIn order to help you get to grips with Maschine 2, we have created this short list of posts to help you comprehend some of the fundamental concepts of Maschine 2.

This page does not contain all tutorials we have created related to Maschine 2, however, it does contain a selection of tutorials in the major areas of Maschine 2. We wanted to put these tutorials  in a central location in order to provide a thorough overview of the Maschine 2 software as well as the Maschine Studio  controller.

This is a great place for Maschine beginners to start with Maschine 2, as well as those updating from the previous version of Maschine.

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As usual if you have any specific questions feel free to ask and make sure you make use of the site search as well as the topical navigation menu along the right side of the tutorial section to find the information you may be looking for.

General Maschine 2 setup & configuration:

Understanding the Maschine 2 software interface:

Maschine 2 file & library management:

Understanding the Maschine 2 sampler and sample editing:

Hardware controllers basics with Maschine 2:

Sequencing, arranging, and editing in Maschine 2:

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Maschine Tutorials