Maschine 201

Maschine intermediate exploration and workflow videos

As a follow up to Maschine 101, our members requested we continue with another maschine tutorial “outline” that provided a central location for some of the more intermediate functions and ideas in relation to Maschine.

Once you’ve got the basics, these are some of the topics we felt can help you grow to the next level in your Maschineability 🙂

As with the other course outlines, these videos are available throughout the site, we just wanted to provide a centralized list for quick consumption.

*These outline courses do not contain everything in the site, so make sure you also browse the various topics and categories and use the search box for further topics and tutorials you may be interested in.


1. Getting deeper into Maschine’s sequencer

2. Exploring the Maschine sampler and sample playback options

3. Deeper exploration of the Maschine internal FX and automation

4. Exploring basic sound design techniques inside of Maschine

5. Using plugins with Maschine

6. Using Maschine inside of your DAW program

Maschine Tutorials