Maschine 101

Maschine Basics and Fundamentals

This maschine tutorial outline was designed to highlight some of the basic things you will want to know when first starting with Maschine as a beginner.

The outline is made up of some of the videos we’ve put out for free for the Maschine community as a whole, as well as new tutorials specifically created to help you get started quickly.

* Please remember that this section does NOT cover all the material on the site. We suggest utilizing the search box and category list on the side of the side to access the many other tutorials available.

It is here to guide you through some of the most common questions and functions you’ll have when getting started with your new tool.


1. Setting up your Maschine

2. Maschine software interface overview

3. Using the Maschine hardware controller

4. Loading and playing Maschine’s factory  sounds and kits

5. Loading and playing VST or AU plugin instruments in Maschine

6. Basic sequencing in Maschine

7. Getting started with basic sampling in Maschine

8. Saving your projects, sounds, presets and exporting

9. Adding your own sounds to the Maschine library

Maschine Tutorials