Sampling & Chopping

One of the main uses of Maschine is the sampling, chopping, and manipulation of various types of audio data. These tutorials cover all the different ways you can manipulate and work with audio samples in Maschine.

MT Quick Tip: Accessing more than 16 slices when chopping a sample

Just a quick tip tutorial showing how to access more than 16 slices in Maschine Since Maschine doesn’t have “pad banks” like on an MPC or other hardware device, this shows how you can chop your samples into 32 or more parts and actually play them from the pads Sure it’s simple, but can be […]

Internal timestretch in Maschine with Kontakt 5 Timemachine Pro

Yo what’s good MT Fam Just wanted to show a tutorial on a great way to utilize the new Timemachine Pro inside of Kontakt 5, directly in Maschine It’s similar to our previous realtime timestretching video with a few enhancements, and better results thanks to Timemachine Pro Check it out, I think this is an […]

Timestretching and pitch shifting with Geist in Maschine

Since Geist has been out and Maschine started supporting plugins, many have asked me about their integration. There are some dope features in Geist, specifically the FX, timestretching, and layering. Getting past using Geist as a sequencer, it’s actually a really good option for timestretching, one of the best in my opinion. In this tutorial […]

Using the MOTU BPM library directly in Maschine without loading the plugin

Yo what’s good fam! This is sort of a geeky one for me. Anyone that has Motu BPM knows what I mean. We love the sounds of the drums and library, but if you have Maschine, you definitely prefer its workflow over BPM. Sure there are other things I like about BPM, but it’s just […]

How to find the bpm (tempo) of a sample in Maschine

There are a few ways to find the tempo/bpm of a sample in Maschine. I just want to show a few common ways. Tap Tempo Using the metronome to find the tempo Using the sample edit/slice screen Using a BPM analyzer software¬† Let me know what ya think, or let me know your favorite way […]

Turning a snare drum into a sub bass or synth instrument

Recently saw a question online about how to use an old school technique from the mpc to turn a snare or other drum into a bass You can use this method to create bass, synths, etc. It’s a good way to learn what the different sampling tools do as well. So I made a sub […]

Sampling YouTube without audio interface or software routing

Yo, just wanted to show another way to get songs from youtube without having to have a special software or audio interface This is just a quick video showing you how to download mp3 files of any video you find on youtube ūüôā The site is:¬† Have fun!!

Sample and timestretch your mp3 files directly in Maschine

Yo what’s good MT fam! Back with another one! Yall know I been messing with FL Studio and Maschine, dope lil combo, many possibilites. But I wanted to show a way to tackle the mp3 sampling issue, since Maschine can’t open mp3 files. I also went into a lil bit of timestretching too. I’m using […]

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