Sampling & Chopping

One of the main uses of Maschine is the sampling, chopping, and manipulation of various types of audio data. These tutorials cover all the different ways you can manipulate and work with audio samples in Maschine.

Sample yourself playing plugins live in Maschine

Hey what’s good MT Fam? Just wanted to share a quick little fun tutorial I made one night while playing around and answering some questions. This video shows you how easy it is to sample your improvisation and freestyle playing live in Maschine. Why would you want to do this? Well sometimes when you’re just […]

Automating and modulating sample start time for live chopping

Hey what’s good fam! Got a fun tip for those that like to get crazy with their sounds and samples in Maschine Many may not realize you can actually change the start point of your samples in realtime, and this can also be automated. I can see your gears turning so lets just get into […]

How to get classic a sampler sound using Vintage mode

So we know Maschine has the MPC 60 and SP1200 emulation modes, but they can be very subtle if all you do is just turn them on. They also sound different depending on what type of sample material you use. In this video I want to show you how to really get that classic sampler […]

Timestretching samples with different tempos in the same project

Hey what’s good fam, back with a creative workflow tutorial for you in regards to using timestretch with your samples in Maschine. Had some questions about using multiple samples of varying tempos with the timestretch feature, and wanted to make a quick video for it. This is something that can open up new creativity and […]

Maschine 1.8 Tip – Timestretching and Pitch Shifting tutorial

Maschine 1.8 software update is out, go download it from service center! Here’s a public tutorial I posted on using timestretch and pitchshifting in the new update

Using loop mode to check start and end points when sampling

Hey what’s good fam! Just wanted to share a quick tutorial I posted on YouTube after getting some general questions about how to use loop mode in Maschine. It’s something we’ve covered here in MT before but maybe not in this specific way, and it’s such a general use of the feature I wanted to […]

Working with audio using multiple takes

Hey what’s good fam, got another tip for ya! Many do not realize when sampling in Maschine you can do multiple takes. This is good for either grabbing multiple parts form the same source, or if you’re recording a live instrument performance it allows you to record multiple times and just use the best one […]

Sampling into Maschine while in Ableton Live

Hey here’s another tutorial on sampling into the Maschine plugin, this time using Ableton Live. I really dig Ableton for it’s routing capabilities, you can pretty much route audio wherever you want! This video shows a couple ways to get external or internal audio into the Maschine plugin while inside of Ableton, in a way […]

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