Sampling & Chopping

One of the main uses of Maschine is the sampling, chopping, and manipulation of various types of audio data. These tutorials cover all the different ways you can manipulate and work with audio samples in Maschine.

Focusrite loopback sampling setup for Youtube, iTunes, Windows Media, and System Audio

I use the Focusrite Saffire pro 24, and it seems to be getting popular among Maschine users. Well I’d say Focusrite in general, because of their flexible routing and good sound. The first question I usually get is how to set it up to sample from youtube, computer audio, etc. So this is a quick […]

How to export slices and chops as individual wave files

Many people have asked for ways to use Maschine as an audio editor. Meaning they want to sample and chop, but export the chops, not the full wave file. The way Maschine handles chops, it just sets the start and end point in the full file, so when you save a kit in maschine from […]

Sample playback and pad cutoff options

One of the first questions I usually get about Maschine is how to make a sample stop overlapping itself, how to make it play only when you hold the pad, or how to make it cut itself off. I know many of you know how to do this, but when you first get Maschine this […]

Using free virtual turntables to sample into maschine

This is part two from the video I did on using Traktor Pro as a virtual turntable to sample into Maschine I promised to follow up with a free version for those that don’t own Traktor, and I found some good ones. I’m sure Traktor stands on it’s own for performance and djs, but for […]

Using Traktor Pro as a virtual turntable for sampling into Maschine

What’s good MT fam! This is a tutorial requested by a member wanting to know how to pitch up your samples before you sample them into Maschine. This is a familiar workflow for anyone used to sampling from turntables but with Maschine it’s just not as simple, you can’t really adjust the pitch of your […]

Timestretching in realtime using UVI Workstation or Kontakt 4

I know timestretch is a sore spot for many Maschine users, and I will admit, it’s not something I use much at all. I didn’t use it when I was on the mpc, and I don’t use it much now, didn’t even use it in Ableton…BUT…I know it’s a major tool and need for many […]

How to apply fx when sampling into maschine

those of you that are familiar with the various hardware samplers, know that a regular feature of using them was sampling through the internal fx. Sometimes you wanted to sample through the filter, eq, distortion, or whatever. With Maschine it’s also possible but not as straight forward on how to get the fx in between […]

MT Quick Tip: How to adjust your input level when sampling

Many folks ask me how to adjust the input level when sampling. This is a normal part of sampling, adjusting the input level directly on the sampler. Well, the default sample mode in Maschine doesn’t have an input level knob or fader, only a threshold level! In this video I show how to use the […]

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