Sampling & Chopping

One of the main uses of Maschine is the sampling, chopping, and manipulation of various types of audio data. These tutorials cover all the different ways you can manipulate and work with audio samples in Maschine.

Sampling into Maschine while in FL Studio

Hey here’s another quick video showing how to sample into the Maschine plugin when using it inside of FL Studio. FL is probably my favorite DAW and I love how the routing and mixer is in there. In this video I show you two different ways to setup sampling in FL Studio *access this instantly […]

Sampling into Maschine while in Logic Pro

Yo what’s up MT Family! This is just a quick video inspired by the one Joe did recently on sampling in your DAW. We had a question on how it applies to Logic, and as each DAW has different workflows, we want to show as many as we can. So this video shows how to […]

Sampling into Maschine while in Studio One v2

Hey what’s good fam, hope all is well with ya. I’ve gotten some questions about sampling into Maschine when using it in your DAW that I wanted to address. Now of course each DAW will be different depending on how it handles instruments and audio routing. Setting this up in Reaper is different from Cubase […]

Sample Editing – How to fade in or fade out your samples

Hey what’s good fam, this is just a quick tutorial on editing your samples in Maschine. There are some basic audio editing options that I want to make sure you know about, or remind you about if you’ve forgot. Sometimes you want to do some “destructive” edits directly to your samples, like apply a fade […]

Timestretching in Maschine using UVI Workstation version 2

In this free tutorial I am showing how to use timestretching inside Maschine using the free UVI Workstation version 2 I already showed how to do this using UVI Workstation 1 here: realtime timestretch using uvi workstation However, UVI has released a new version 2 of the workstation and has some features that work great […]

Timestretching your Maschine samples using Audacity

What’s up MT Family, this is a quick tutorial showing how to timestretch samples you have in Maschine using the free audio editor Audacity Works pretty good enjoy! Download Audacity here: *Access this exclusive tutorial video when you join today!

Using auto chop to slice and apply samples to pads with Maschine Mikro

Had a request for a tutorial on how to use slice mode and apply samples to pads and groups with the Mikro Maschine It’s a little different than the big Maschine but still the same concept, you just do not have all the controls that you do with more knobs It works sorta like Maschine […]

How to move single slices to a new group when using autochop

Sup MT Fam! Just a lil tip for those that like to use autochop but may not want the whole sample chopped up There’s a really simple way to grab only the slices you want and move them to a new group There’s a “single” button when you hit “apply to” that allows you to […]

Maschine Tutorials