Sampling & Chopping

One of the main uses of Maschine is the sampling, chopping, and manipulation of various types of audio data. These tutorials cover all the different ways you can manipulate and work with audio samples in Maschine.

Maschine chopping and editing audio loops from BPM and UVI libraries

This is a follow up to the free maschine tutorial I did showing how to use UVI Workstation with Maschine to gain access to your MOTU BPM  or other UVI library sounds. This allows much more flexibility than just opening BPM directly in Maschine, and since all the UVI libraries are encrypted in their native […]

Create your own custom instruments from oneshot wave samples

This is another sampling and sound design tutorial to show you how to expand your library. This one shows you how to use oneshot wave samples in maschine, adjust the loop points, crossfade, etc, to make your own new instruments. below are two website I’ve used to get free oneshot samples from various synths and […]

Creating your own custom samples to chop in maschine

This maschine tutorial is all about finding and creating custom samples to chop up in maschine. I know many of us like to chop up records and songs, but I’m more of the type that goes royalty free when I can. I want to show you a way you can use royalty free libraries to […]

How to create your own custom sounds using single cycle waveforms

In this maschine tutorial I show you how to quickly and easily expand your own custom instrument sounds using maschine’s synth/sampler engine and single cycle waveforms. Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it sounds and can help you create your own sounds VERY quickly. This allows you to really expand your sound library and […]

How to chop your samples manually or using autochop

This tutorial shows the basic controls and features that allow you to chop your samples. I show how to do this manually or using autochop, as well as what settings you need to use to make your samples cut each other off (pads cut each other off) These are common techniques used when composing sample […]

Easily sample anything using your phone or iPod

This video shows how easy it is to get to sampling by using your phone or iPod with Maschine. For many this is much easier and even more flexible than trying to figure out how to route sounds virtually through different software, etc. By using your phone or iPod you can sample anything from your […]

Maschine Tutorials