Sample Editing – How to fade in or fade out your samples

Hey what’s good fam, this is just a quick tutorial on editing your samples in Maschine. There are some basic audio editing options that I want to make sure you know about, or remind you about if you’ve forgot.

Sometimes you want to do some “destructive” edits directly to your samples, like apply a fade in or fade out. So just like going through different fx and routings I want to make sure you know all the basic audio editing functions as well. I think this all ties together with the nuts and bolts like fx, routing, etc.

So expect more quick tips on the various editing functions as well as more on the fx and the fx routing

Again, I just want to make sure that you know as much as possible about all the tools and options available to you

And just so you know, any time you apply any audio edits like this in maschine, it will make a copy of your original sample, so you always have your original, it will just create a numbered copy like sample[1].wav or whatever.

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