Using the MOTU BPM library directly in Maschine without loading the plugin

Yo what’s good fam!

This is sort of a geeky one for me. Anyone that has Motu BPM knows what I mean.

We love the sounds of the drums and library, but if you have Maschine, you definitely prefer its workflow over BPM.

Sure there are other things I like about BPM, but it’s just not enough to make me try to sequence in it over Maschine.

But one thing we always try to figure out is a way to use those sounds, since they are in a special Motu/Uvi bank format, you can’t just go to a folder and grab the samples.

Well, I was messing around with it again recently and figured out how to get any of the drums, loops, or samples into Maschine, no vst loading, no midi mapping, none of that.

If you own BPM, I know you’re gonna love this, even if you don’t you may love it anyway!

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This method also works using UVI Workstation or Motu MachFive, but they don’t let you actually preview individual hits it just loads them automatically, they only preview the loops. So I like using BPM over them, but the concept is the same in all 3.

This basically turns BPM into a sample/library manager or browser for any Motu or UVI soundbank, so you can quickly preview and load sounds, it’s almost like having them directly in the Maschine disk browser.


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