Sample and timestretch your mp3 files directly in Maschine

Yo what’s good MT fam!

Back with another one! Yall know I been messing with FL Studio and Maschine, dope lil combo, many possibilites.

But I wanted to show a way to tackle the mp3 sampling issue, since Maschine can’t open mp3 files.

I also went into a lil bit of timestretching too.

I’m using Edison from Image Line, same people that make FL Studio

BUT…I’m not using it in FL Studio, I’m opening Edison directly inside of Maschine, yes, it’s a vst plugin.

Checkout this drag and drop workflow that I think many of you will love not just for mp3 files but longer songs and such.

We all know Maschine’s editor is very basic, not even a playhead, etc.  I think this is a great solution to that issue, and I’ll be using it a bunch myself, because it’s so quick and seamless.

I’m doing this all with the demo version, which is only limited by not being able to save and it will insert a noise if you record into it, but I’m not doing either.

Here’s the link to the demo:

Sorry to say, this is only available for Windows users at this time….

*access this video when you join today!

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