Exporting your iMaschine projects into Maschine

Sup fam, been getting more and more questions on how to export projects from iMaschine into your computer so you can open and work on them in Maschine.

I must admit, this is one of my favorite features of iMaschine, aside from the workflow, the fact that I know I can finish it up in Maschine makes it even more useful to me.

But I was new to file sharing with iTunes, so didn’t quite understand where to look at first, but it’s not too difficult if you poke around. iMaschine uses iTunes file sharing to export projects from the app, sync with iTunes, and allows you to download to your computer for use in Maschine.

This video shows you how to handle this, it’s pretty straight forward, but it always helps to see it in action.

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