Saving & Exporting

These tutorials cover how to save and export your projects, songs, and data for use outside of Maschine.

Saving your projects in Maschine

This is a basic tutorial showing you how to save your projects in Maschine and the various options you have for doing so. Once you get starting with making your own tracks and projects in Maschine, you will definitely want to save them for future recall. This is probably one of the first things you’ll […]

How to export your audio from scenes, groups, and individual sounds

This tutorial video shows you the different options available to you when you are ready to export your audio from Maschine. You can export as 1 whole stereo file, or export each group or even each sound individually. This is useful if you want to share your tracks and projects, or if you want to […]

Saving your patterns for use with other kits or songs

This tutorial video shows you how to save your individual pattern files in Maschine. Sometimes you come up with a nice pattern but you don’t finish anything, you can quickly just save the pattern for later use in other songs or even with other kits. You can even use this method to share your own […]

Creating your own custom project template

This tutorial shows you how to create your own custom project template in maschine so you can have a base starting project every time you start a new one. The benifits of creating a project template that fits your own workflow is so you can quickly get to creating instead of always setting up the […]

How to drag and drop audio or midi from Maschine

This tutorial shows you the different ways you can quickly drag audio or midi out of maschine for quick exporting and use in other applications. If you have created a loop or a collection of loops that you want to further develop in another application you can quickly drag out the loops as audio or […]

Maschine Tutorials