Remaking French Montana Coke Boys 4 in Maschine 2


From time to time we get requests from members to show how to remake specific tracks inside of Maschine. Seeing some of your favorite tracks or styles of tracks remade in Maschine can help you understand how to use Maschine to get the results you’re looking for. This particular song was sent in as a […]

Maschine 2 Chopping Samples to Control the Speed for Boom Bap Production


Sampling and working with samples is one of the most powerful aspects of Maschine We had a member request some help on getting his samples/chops to sound right for boom bap style production. Of course each person will have their own ways of chopping and working with samples and in this video Knock shows one […]

Remaking Daft Punk One More Time in Maschine 2.0


Here’s a video for those that like to see different songs remade in Maschine It can be useful to see learn how Maschine works by seeing or remaking a song that has already been released. It’s a good method to help  learn your way around Maschine, or any gear. This one is a remake of […]

Knock having fun with the Lazer Dice Maschine expansion


Here’s a quick video posted on YouTube messing around with the Lazer Dice expansion from NI Going through the process of remaking a beat done with the sounds, showing the different parts and such. Using Maschine Studio and the Akai Max 49 in this one

Using Maschine Studio as a multi track audio recorder


For those that like to use external gear with Maschine but prefer to work with audio this video shows the process. I know many of you that use external gear are probably used to this but if not this video will show how to set it up Basically I create “audio tracks” in Maschine’s sequencer […]

Maschine 2.0 quick beatmaking video with Maschine Studio


Here’s another free preview video I posted leading up to the Maschine 2.0 release to give the community an idea of the screens, and how the mixer fits into the workflow. This is a really basic video really aimed at giving a preview of the worklfow, there will be many more indepth videos exploring the […]

Knock club beat production workflow


Hey what’s up MT Family! I’m back with another workflow video. For those that don’t know I moved down to ATL so now I’m getting settled in and back to the videos. This video just shows the process and workflow I go through when making a Club or Electronic style track. Really just showing what […]

Knock “One Mo Drink” beat making video


Hey what’s up MT Family? Just wanted to share a beatmaking video of an officially released song I made entirely with Maschine Click here to see the Official Video Release for “One Mo Drink” by Tony Tekno. I just go through and show you exactly how I put the track together, of course of you have […]

Pulp Fiction sampling and electronic beatmaking workflow


Hey what’s up MT Family? Just wanted to share a Maschine workflow video I’ve been thinking about for a couple weeks, wanted to sample a few things from a certain scene in the movie Pulp Fiction. I take the samples, chop them up in Maschine and use them while construction an electronic dance style track. […]

Beatmaking Workflow: experimental cinematic track


Hey what’s good fam! It’s been a while since I did a workflow video for ya, so I just turned on the camera as I was messing with some new sounds. The idea behind these is just to see the process putting together a track, sometimes you pick up little tips and tricks from things others do […]

Production Workflow – Making a Trap style beat in Maschine


Hey what’s good MT family? We had some request for a general workflow video showing how to make a Trap beat in Maschine. So this video just shows the process of the types of sounds I’d use, as well as the different tools in Maschine for making the drums and perc sound right for a […]

Beat Basics – Using velocity to enhance your drum grooves

drum velocity

Hey what’s good fam A lot of times we get questions on general production tips or basic beatmaking information. Today I wanted to share a quick tip that isn’t Maschine specific, but can be used in Maschine and anything else. I wanted to create a basic tutorial showing how velocity can have a great impact […]

Knock MT M-paq Workout workflow

knock mt mpaq workout

Hey fam, just was messing around with the sounds in the M-paq MT workout and figured I’d turn on the camera and press record. This is just a video showing my workflow of putting together a track, the different ideas and processes I go through, hopefully you can pick up some small tips or even […]

Sequencing an iPad as a sound module via MIDI

sequence ipad via midi

What’s good fam, back with another workflow video on using the iPad as a sound module (or iPhone, iPod) This time I’m sequencing it in Maschine via MIDI I just got my iRig MIDI adapter so I pulled it out and was messing around with it, decided to turn the camera on and show the […]

Using an iPad as a live sound source

ipad in maschine

I got an iPad now, so of course I have to show how I use it with Maschine Yes I use it on it’s own for mobile beat sketching and other things, but when in the lab I use it as a sound source for Maschine In this video I just wanted to kinda show […]

Novation Ultranova multi-track sequencing workflow

novation ultranova multi track sequencing workflow

Yo what’s up MT family! Back with a workflow video for you showing how I use the Novation Ultranova to sequencing multiple tracks of synthesizer audio. It’s pretty much the same as we’ve showed before for sequencing external gear, setting maschine up to record multiple audio tracks, sync samples, and stuff like that. I just […]

Sequencing multiple channels of Kore in Ableton Live

multi channel kore in ableton live

What’s good fam! Back with another tutorial for ya. Ok, this isn’t specific to Maschine but could be useful in your workflow anyway. I had a member asking me how to route multiple midi channels of Kore in Ableton Live so I wanted to show a video for it. Now this can be useful if […]

Thrift store digging and sampling workflow


What’s up MT Family? Just sharing my workflow of finding some records at the thrift store and turning it into a new beat Taking some samples from vinyl, sampling into Maschine, chopping them up, and making a track. This is basic sample based music but it’s always fun to see the whole process from beginning […]

Halloween Maschine Beat

halloween maschine beat

Just having fun Fam! A video I posted yesterday on YouTube Making a Halloween beat on Maschine by sampling and chopping up some classic music material

Disco House production tutorial

disco house production tutorial

What’s up MT Family, back again with another club/house production tutorial for Maschine This time I went disco with it…shout out to NotoriousSee for the request Again just showing my process of making the beat, choosing the synths, and getting the general ideas down. *members only video content, access instantly when you join today

Club beat production workflow tutorial

club workflow video

We have many members asking about more Club and Electronic themed tutorials for Maschine As a dj, I actually do club and electronic music quite often, about as much as I do hip hop so I figured I would just share some of my workflow and process I go through when creating. I show my […]