Sequencing an iPad as a sound module via MIDI

What’s good fam, back with another workflow video on using the iPad as a sound module (or iPhone, iPod) This time I’m sequencing it in Maschine via MIDI

I just got my iRig MIDI adapter so I pulled it out and was messing around with it, decided to turn the camera on and show the workflow. Really it’s just like using any external synth or sound module with Maschine.

Setting up the midi out port on the pad, sequence, resample when you’re done.

I really just want to show the options and creativity available. For those that want more sounds and may not have the budget or just don’t want to deal with hardware, if you have an iOS device put it to use!

These apps are cheap, get you an iRig midi (works with iphone, ipod touch, and ipad) and an audio adapter….now you have another sound module.

We are always talking about the best/newest apps in the forum so check it out. Sound is everywhere, use it! You may not want to spend 100+ on a new vst, but spending 20 bucks or less on a new iOS sound device is a lot easier on the wallet 🙂

It definitely helps me feed my desire for new gear/sounds.

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