Beat Making & Song Creation

Learn various tips and tricks to making your own beats and songs using Maschine.

Maschine sequencing external gear: Beat Thang Hardware

Yo what’s good fam! I’ve been promising the fam I would do some videos showing how I work with external modules and devices in Maschine. Maschine actually had me looking into hardware after I got it because it’s really easy to sequence and resample external gear. In this tutorial I show the process using the […]

Advanced Sequencing Part 2 – Turn Maschine into a linear sequencer and draw in your song arrangement

This is part 2 in the Advanced Sequencing tutorial series. This one is all about linear arrangement! Nothing further to say, watch part 1 if you haven’t, and check this out!

Dubstep workflow synth resampling explained

Yo what’s up MT Family, this is a follow up to my first dubsetp workflow video I realized I didn’t show you the process I go through when actually sampling the synths I want to use into Maschine So here it is! enjoy! *exclusive video for members only, access instantly when you join today!

Dubstep workflow in Maschine explained

This is just a lil video showing how I’ve been exploring and getting into creating Dubstep music with Maschine I’m no Dubstep producer, I’m just getting into making it. My style is more sample based so I show how I use Massive and other synths, resample, and make my Dubstep beats. peace! *exclusive member content, […]

Knock workflow – inspiration from a simple royalty free loop

I just got some new software…and as I was installing the library I went through some of the loops, it came with a GANG of royalty free junk. I sample whatever son, if it’s hot I’m on it. This is just a video showing my workflow from being inspired by a simple loop to turning […]

Knock workflow – weird beat turns into west coast single for 4two7

Yo what’s up MT family Just sharing another workflow video, and also a lesson in why it’s important to never throw away tracks You never know who will like it. I did this track and thought it was weird, left it sit for about 2 months. One day, my boy 4two7 picked it up, and […]

Knock production workflow – video game style track

What’s up MT fam! I’m a fan of boxing video games and I always dig the tracks on there So I decided to work on a possible concept that I may try to submit for some video game or something. I used Record in conjunction with Maschine in this video via the rewire vst check […]

Knock remakes classic hip hop song “It’s My Turn” by Stezo

I got my first placement back in the late 80’s on the Stezo album, the one with “It’s My Turn” on it. I didn’t do that, I did two others “Bring the Horns” and “Freak the Funk”, but this one is one of my favorites. Thanks to the breaks mannas gave us, I was reminded […]

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