Beat Making & Song Creation

Learn various tips and tricks to making your own beats and songs using Maschine.

Using the step sequencer: programming a house beat

Yo what’s good MT Fam? This tutorial is focused on step sequencing with the original Maschine controller It differs from the Mikro in a few ways in terms of the controls and some of the wording you get, same basic concept though You can definitely get a bit more control over your groove and specific […]

Using the step sequencer: making a house beat with Maschine Mikro

I wanted to share a tutorial for the Maschine Mikro with a different workflow for some that may not be used to or even mess with the step sequencer Maschine actually has a pretty good step sequencer, really fast to lay down a groove. I like to switch up the workflow at times, as you […]

Maschine sequencing external gear: Beat Thang Hardware

Yo what’s good fam! I’ve been promising the fam I would do some videos showing how I work with external modules and devices in Maschine. Maschine actually had me looking into hardware after I got it because it’s really easy to sequence and resample external gear. In this tutorial I show the process using the […]

Advanced Sequencing Part 2 – Turn Maschine into a linear sequencer and draw in your song arrangement

This is part 2 in the Advanced Sequencing tutorial series. This one is all about linear arrangement! Nothing further to say, watch part 1 if you haven’t, and check this out!

20 minute production workout – ableton live film music

So as I have been talking about in the forums, I had been planning to start doing what I call “20 minute workouts” It’s a spin off of what Knock does with his 7 minute sample challenges, however instead of samples, I have 20 minutes to come up with an original track. Sometimes it will […]

production workflow with virology synth library

yo what’s good MT Just bought a few new libraries and was going through the sounds when I got inspired to make a track so I just turned on the recorder so you can see the process of using plugins and coming up with a new track in Maschine enjoy

sunday workflow – just a lil something

just another workflow vid showing my process of putting together a new instrumental in Maschine peace

saintjoe production process – song concept for Readywritter

So, since folks asked and seem to like the production workflow videos too, I wanted to share one with ya. this is something I was working on this afternoon for one of my good friends who is also an emcee I work with When making a track sometimes I feel it’s for a certain person, […]

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