Beat Making & Song Creation

Learn various tips and tricks to making your own beats and songs using Maschine.

Novation Ultranova multi-track sequencing workflow

Yo what’s up MT family! Back with a workflow video for you showing how I use the Novation Ultranova to sequencing multiple tracks of synthesizer audio. It’s pretty much the same as we’ve showed before for sequencing external gear, setting maschine up to record multiple audio tracks, sync samples, and stuff like that. I just […]

Sequencing multiple channels of Kore in Ableton Live

What’s good fam! Back with another tutorial for ya. Ok, this isn’t specific to Maschine but could be useful in your workflow anyway. I had a member asking me how to route multiple midi channels of Kore in Ableton Live so I wanted to show a video for it. Now this can be useful if […]

Using the step sequencer: programming a house beat

Yo what’s good MT Fam? This tutorial is focused on step sequencing with the original Maschine controller It differs from the Mikro in a few ways in terms of the controls and some of the wording you get, same basic concept though You can definitely get a bit more control over your groove and specific […]

Using the step sequencer: making a house beat with Maschine Mikro

I wanted to share a tutorial for the Maschine Mikro with a different workflow for some that may not be used to or even mess with the step sequencer Maschine actually has a pretty good step sequencer, really fast to lay down a groove. I like to switch up the workflow at times, as you […]

Thrift store digging and sampling workflow

What’s up MT Family? Just sharing my workflow of finding some records at the thrift store and turning it into a new beat Taking some samples from vinyl, sampling into Maschine, chopping them up, and making a track. This is basic sample based music but it’s always fun to see the whole process from beginning […]

Disco House production tutorial

What’s up MT Family, back again with another club/house production tutorial for Maschine This time I went disco with it…shout out to NotoriousSee for the request Again just showing my process of making the beat, choosing the synths, and getting the general ideas down. *members only video content, access instantly when you join today

Club beat production workflow tutorial

We have many members asking about more Club and Electronic themed tutorials for Maschine As a dj, I actually do club and electronic music quite often, about as much as I do hip hop so I figured I would just share some of my workflow and process I go through when creating. I show my […]

Knock production workflow: Give You The World

What’s up MT fam! Just wanted to do a Maschine workflow video for those that like to see em. I also incorporated the Hush vst that Tjay made….shout out to Tjay, using the linear method of arranging that saintjoe came up with. So this is just a general workflow tutorial for a track I was […]

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