How to export slices and chops as individual wave files

Many people have asked for ways to use Maschine as an audio editor.

Meaning they want to sample and chop, but export the chops, not the full wave file.

The way Maschine handles chops, it just sets the start and end point in the full file, so when you save a kit in maschine from a sample you created, it’s all referencing one file, just with different start and end point on each pad.

In this tutorial I show you how to create individual wav samples for each slice/chop you have, so that you can export them for use in other programs or for creating kits that you can share with others.

Some prefer to chop in Maschine but sequence with Exs or other programs, or load their chops into Reason, etc.

Everyone uses Maschine differently, there is no right and wrong way, just do what works for you!

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