How to backup the Maschine database

This tutorial shows you how to backup your Maschine database. This is important to do from time to time as it contains all your tags and settings.

It’s also something I suggest you do anytime your are about to apply an update to the software. So before you install an update of any kind, save your database.

This can also be used to help get the same tags onto a new computer, say from laptop to desktop, etc.

Of course you have to move all your samples and everything, but this helps with not having to tag them again.

Yes Maschine needs better file/backup management in my opinion, but there are ways to cover your butt still!

Here are the database locations for mac and pc

Database backup locations

– Go to the folder; c:/Users/username/AppData/Local/Native Instruments/Maschine

– Go to /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Native Instruments

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