Modulation & Automation Tutorials

These Maschine tutorials teach you how to modulate and automate fx and plugin parameters within your productions.  Learn how to create patterns to automatically change and modulate your sounds over time in sync with your tracks.

How to automate sound volume fades and fade outs in Maschine

Yo got this question a few times here at MT and wanted to show how to do it. I basically show how you can fade out the volume without using the sample editor to actually fade a pattern. This will work for any type of sound you want to fade out This isn’t showing how […]

How to map custom parameters for Kontakt instruments in Maschine

Many of you know, when loading different Kontakt instruments, the automation and auto mapping depends on the instrument loaded. If an instrument hasn’t been setup with automation information when it was created, Maschine will not auto map it. You can’t have a “default” map like other plugins because the way Kontakt is so modular and […]

How to make a wobble bass in maschine

I get a lot of questions on how to use Maschine to create a wobble/dubstep type bass sound. Now, with plugin support it’s so many ways and options, but I wanted to make a video to show how to do it directly in Maschine using the internal sounds and fx/settings.

How to learn and map custom plugin parameters

Sometimes when Maschine automaps plugins, it creates tons of pages with weirdly named parameters that you may or may not use. So you are stuck going through tons of pages to find what you need. In this tutorial I show how to make your own plugin mappings using the learn function, which you can then […]

How to sequence your fx and automate them with patterns

This tutorial is all about getting creative with your fx. You can use the Maschine sequencer to automate, play, and even perform various fx changes throughout the song or  in a live situation. I show how to set it up, and give some examples of how to create patterns to trigger live or automate in […]

Setting up your own custom multi fx

Maschine is pretty open when it comes to routing, and I find the best way to understand how a system works is to build something using the components of that system. So the best way to really get an understanding of Maschine and it’s fx is to build your own fx, routings, and multi fx! […]

How to make an 808 bass drum glide effect

In this video I show a quick trick to get the sound of an 808 bass glide in Maschine. This is sort of like a sustained pitch effect that’s popular in many southern hip hop tracks for the deep 808 bass. *access instantly when you join today!

Maschine Tutorials