Advanced Sequencing Part 1 – Using a group as a multi track sequencer and easy track mute automation

Yoooooooooooooooooooo what’s good MT fam!

Back with another two part series that I think you’re gonna really love….it could actually be 3 parts but I just kept the first two together as they flowed into each other.

So bear in mind this first part is about 20 minutes long, with each “concept” being around 10 or so minutes each.

I know many have trouble understanding the arranger in Maschine, I’ve found that it makes the concept sink in a bit easier if you look at the groups as a single multi track sequencer.

So in this tutorial I show how to use 1 group as a multi track sequencer, and how to use the arranger to lay your songs out just using patterns.  Understanding this concept will let you come to better grips with song construction and how to use the arranger in Maschine.

In the second half of the video I go over some very simple track mute automation thanks to our very own MT Fam member Tjay, who saw Knock’s Two Soldiers track mute method tutorial  and wanted to code a plugin to make it easier.

He did it just that and is giving it as a free beta exclusively to the MT Fam!

You know I had to exploit this concept!

So I show the basic way it works in the second part of this video.

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