Modulation & Automation Tutorials

These Maschine tutorials teach you how to modulate and automate fx and plugin parameters within your productions.  Learn how to create patterns to automatically change and modulate your sounds over time in sync with your tracks.

Maschine in Ableton: drawing automation to modulate plugin parameters

Hey what’s good fam, hope all is well. In this tutorial I’m showing how to setup Maschine in Ableton Live so that you can draw in automation for modulating various parameters of sounds and plugins that are loaded inside of the Maschine VST. As always, let me know if you have any questions *access this […]

Automating and modulating sample start time for live chopping

Hey what’s good fam! Got a fun tip for those that like to get crazy with their sounds and samples in Maschine Many may not realize you can actually change the start point of your samples in realtime, and this can also be automated. I can see your gears turning so lets just get into […]

Maschine 1.8 recording automation on the Maschine Mikro MK2

So the new controllers are hitting the streets as Guitar Center is selling them today. One of the new improvements for the Maschine Mikro users with the 1.8 update is the ability to record automation of parameters from the controller. This was previously impossible but you can now do this directly from the Mikro or […]

Mapping the controls for FXpansion Tremor in Maschine

Yo what’s good fam, back with a quick tutorial on midi mapping for FXpansion Tremor inside of Maschine When you first load it, you may notice that you get 4 pages of blank knobs auto-mapped This video will show you how to get those mapped to whatever you want to control inside of Tremor I […]

Automate your own pauses, slow downs, and tape stops

As I said before, there is so many automation and modulation things you can do directly in Maschine. Another one of those that may be good for transitions and build ups is creating your own pauses, slow downs, or tape stops. Like other fx and modulation in Maschine, it makes sense once you see it. […]

Automating your own loop and stutter effect

There are a lot of automation and modulation things you can do directly in Maschine. One of those that may be good for transitions and build ups is creating your own loop or stutter fx. This can help move your track from one section to another and give you just enough change to keep it […]

How to create your own gate sequence and stutter fx in Maschine

Had a question of how to make your own gate/stutter effect in Maschine without using external plugins This tutorial shows you how to automate Maschine’s internal gate effect to get that rhythmic/sequenced gate sound on your pads and leads, or whatever else you want Of course there are many more flexible fx and plugins out […]

Sound design in Maschine with Spectrasonics Omnipshere

What’s good MT fam! You know our main goal is to make sure you can make the music YOU want to make with Maschine. So if we need to do a tutorial on a third party software that you have we will….if we have it 🙂 Had one of the MT fam ask about Omnisphere […]

Maschine Tutorials