Maschine 2.0 how to map custom Kontakt parameters to the knobs on your controller

So if you use a lot of Kontakt libraries there may come a time where you want to setup an instrument to be controlled and ultimately automated in Maschine.

There’s a few steps you have to follow to be able to map custom parameters properly, but you know we will make sure you understand how to do this!

In this tutorial I take a third party Kontakt library and map the knobs in it’s interface to Maschine so that I can control it from my Maschine Studio.

You can also do this for the MK1/MK2 knobs as well, and you can also map parameters if you’re using a Mikro you just don’ t have control over as many knobs at once of course.

You can also save your mapped instrument as a sound or module preset so that it is recalled properly with the mapped parameters in place once you open it again.

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