MT Quick Tip: How to adjust your input level when sampling

Many folks ask me how to adjust the input level when sampling. This is a normal part of sampling, adjusting the input level directly on the sampler. Well, the default sample mode in Maschine doesn’t have an input level knob or fader, only a threshold level! In this video I show how to use the […]

MT Quick Tip: How to delete or undo single sounds from a pattern

In this tutorial I show you how to quickly select specific parts of a pattern to delete or undo in maschine’s sequencer So if you lay your drums and don’t like the hi hat, you can delete only the hat part and leave the others. If you have any questions, let me know. *access instantly […]

MT Quick Tip: How to quantize individual sounds in a pattern

A lot of times folks ask me how to quantize only a specific sound in a pattern, sometimes you want to quantize only the kick, or only the hat, or whatever, but still want to play all the sounds in at the same time. In this tutorial I show how to select the notes of […]

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