Maschine MK1 Tutorials

Tutorial videos showing how to access various features and functions of the original Maschine MK1 hardware controller.

Maschine hardware controller overview

This is a basic tutorial going over the hardware controller and explaining the various buttons and knobs. It is a good idea to get as familiar with the hardware as possible, as this adds to the workflow, speed, and ease of use for Maschine. The way the controller integrates with the software is really what […]

Maschine Tutorial: Browsing samples from the hardware controller

This is a basic maschine tutorial video showing how sounds are browsed from the hardware controller. It’s a quick look at how Maschine breaks down the banks and sounds. For instant access to all advanced tutorials, the private members forum, free downloads, and more, join the maschine tutorials membership today. Join Now!!

basic sampling from a record and making a beat

This tutorial shows the basic process of sampling from a record, adjusting the sample, and turning it into a new beat in Maschine This is the basic workflow many will be using when working with Maschine, though it’s not the only workflow, it’s a very popular one as the product is geared towards working with […]

How to chop your samples manually or using autochop

This tutorial shows the basic controls and features that allow you to chop your samples. I show how to do this manually or using autochop, as well as what settings you need to use to make your samples cut each other off (pads cut each other off) These are common techniques used when composing sample […]

Loading and playing an instrument in maschine

This tutorial shows you how to load and play instruments in maschine. It also shows you how to play melodies from your pads and change the octaves of your pads if you aren’t using a keyboard midi controller. An instrument differs from a kit in the fact that it is usually a melodic sound or […]

Loading a drum kit into Maschine

This tutorial video shows first time users how to load a drum kit into the Maschine sequencer It shows you how to browse for the kit you wish to use and load it so you can start playing live or sequencing it via the step sequencer. Browsing and loading kits or sounds in Maschine is […]

Loading drum kits without loading the preset patterns

This tutorial shows the proper way of loading a drum kit without loading the preset pattern. I know this particular issue is a frustrating one that comes up for many first time maschine users. Originally we just had to delete the pattern after loading a kit but Native Instruments implemented a dedicated feature to handle […]

Maschine Tutorials