Maschine pad layering using pad link groups

This tutorial gives you a rundown of one of the new features in Maschine 1.6 that let’s you layer samples better.  This feature is called Pad Link Groups and it lets you stack samples and trigger them together while still having full control of each sample.  In this video I explain the difference between master and slave settings, and show you how they react in a quick loop just to give you an understanding of how they work and why you would use them.

Pad linking and especially the master/slave settings let you get some good dynamics. For example, you can set one pad in a link group to master, so that it triggers every pad in the same link group (there are 8 available). This could be perfect to use for a fat kick or fat snare, however, you can set various samples/pads from that same link group to be “slaves”. When you do this, they will be triggered with all the other samples in the group every time a master pad is hit.


If you hit a slave pad by itself, it only triggers itself. This is perfect for adding ghost notes, break downs, and overall variation when used in combination with the master pads.

As usual, if you have any questions just ask!

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