Maschine MK1 Tutorials

Tutorial videos showing how to access various features and functions of the original Maschine MK1 hardware controller.

MT Quick Tip: How to transpose and layer individual sound patterns

Yo what’s good MT Fam! This is just another one of those little “things” that I use and wanted to share. I usually layer my sounds, even if it’s the same sound, especially with synths, brass, and strings. I’ll just play the same riff at lower or higher octaves. I want to show you a […]

How to use the new pinned pages in Maschine 1.7

Maschine 1.7 has a new feature called “pinned pages” it’s an update to “locking” the page. Previously you could go into say, note repeat, and lock it…however once you left the page, you’d have to lock it again when you come back. Now, you can lock or “pin” the page, so every time you go […]

MT Quick Tip: How to quantize and nudge individual pads using pad mode

Just like the video showing how to delete single sounds, I previously did a video on how to quantize individual pads using the select button quantize single sounds using select button And just like I showed howto delete individual patterns using the pad mode button, I wanted to also show how to quantize and nudge […]

MT Quick Tip: Quickly delete the pattern for a single sound using pad mode

I previously showed how to delete single sounds using the select button delete single sounds with select button However today I want to show you an even quicker way, well, at least in my opinion when it comes to workflow and when you want to quickly delete the pattern of a specific  sound or pad. […]

MT Quick Tip: How to zoom and scroll in samples, scenes, and patterns

I use these features in Maschine a lot, especially from the software.  And I usually get asked “what did you just do” when using it in videos. This shows the 3 different ways you can zoom in and out of patterns, samples, and scenes, as well as how to scroll through them. *instantly accessible when […]

MT Quick Tip: How to adjust the metronome volume

Another bite sized tip for you, how to change the volume of the metronome in Maschine This is another one that goes un noticed and I get questions about it from time to time. Many feel the metronome is too loud. enjoy *access instantly when you join today

Using and understanding choke groups in Maschine

This is a basic tutorial explaining Maschine choke groups. I think I may have slipped it into another video or two before but wanted to have a video specifically covering this for those new to maschine or those that may not understand why you would use this feature. Many are used to this feature from […]

Sample playback and pad cutoff options

One of the first questions I usually get about Maschine is how to make a sample stop overlapping itself, how to make it play only when you hold the pad, or how to make it cut itself off. I know many of you know how to do this, but when you first get Maschine this […]

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