External Sounds & Instruments

These tutorials focus on showing how to integrate external synths, modules, and other instruments with Maschine.

Using multiple channels of Reason in Maschine with ReWire VST

Was messing around after the ReWire VST video and figured out how to sequence multiple channels in Maschine After watching the first video I broke down and went and purchased the Reason 5 ugprade (I was on Reason 4) Anyway, this is how it’s done on the Mac, haven’t figured out how to make it […]

Maschine triggering KONG in Reason via ReWire

This is a follow up to the tutorial on how to use Reason as a plugin in Maschine. This shows how to set it up so that it triggers the KONG drum machine properly, by default the pads don’t line up right and Maschine will trigger the same drum on 3 pads in a row! […]

Maschine Tutorial: Using Propellerheads Reason as a sound module

This is a free maschine tutorial showing how to setup Maschine to sequence Propellerheads Reason and use it as a sound module. For instant access to all advanced tutorials, the private members forum, free downloads, and more, join the maschine tutorials membership today. Join Now!!

Maschine Tutorials