Novation Ultranova multi-track sequencing workflow

Yo what’s up MT family! Back with a workflow video for you showing how I use the Novation Ultranova to sequencing multiple tracks of synthesizer audio. It’s pretty much the same as we’ve showed before for sequencing external gear, setting maschine up to record multiple audio tracks, sync samples, and stuff like that. I just […]

How to apply FX to your external synths in maschine

Yo what’s good fam, this tutorial video is in response to a recent question I had from a member on how to apply fx to your external synths when using them with maschine. Even if your synth comes with it’s own editor, you can’t put effects directly on the editor as that’s just the midi […]

Save and recall external gear just like a plugin

This is a video tutorial that shows how to save hardware specefic preset templates with the proper audio and midi routing for quick recall inside of Maschine This is sort of a follow up to the tutorial where I showed how to sequence external synths in Maschine This allows you to have these templates ready […]

Maschine sequencing external synths: Dave Smith Mopho

Yo what’s good MT Fam! In this tutorial I just wanted to share the workflow and process I use when sequencing external synths with Maschine. I really dig sync sampling and Maschine actually made me want to get back into hardware synths just because of how easy it is to use them with Maschine. I […]

Sequence multiple channels of midi and route multiple audio channels from any DAW into Maschine

Yo what’s good MT fam! I want to show you how to sequence multiple mid and audio channels from your DAW into Maschine. I think you may like this one 🙂 I have been trying to figure out a way to skip the rewire vst, skip focusrite loopback sampling, and route audio from one app […]

Maschine sequencing external gear: Beat Thang Hardware

Yo what’s good fam! I’ve been promising the fam I would do some videos showing how I work with external modules and devices in Maschine. Maschine actually had me looking into hardware after I got it because it’s really easy to sequence and resample external gear. In this tutorial I show the process using the […]

Using multiple channels of Reason in Maschine with ReWire VST

Was messing around after the ReWire VST video and figured out how to sequence multiple channels in Maschine After watching the first video I broke down and went and purchased the Reason 5 ugprade (I was on Reason 4) Anyway, this is how it’s done on the Mac, haven’t figured out how to make it […]

Maschine triggering KONG in Reason via ReWire

This is a follow up to the tutorial on how to use Reason as a plugin in Maschine. This shows how to set it up so that it triggers the KONG drum machine properly, by default the pads don’t line up right and Maschine will trigger the same drum on 3 pads in a row! […]

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