Interview with Knocksquared aka Doug Lazy aka Big Brother Knock

Yo what’s good MT Fam! Back with a new interview, I figured a great way to get the interviews going again was to do one with none other than Mr. Knocksquared himself! We talk about how he got started in radio, producing hits as Doug Lazy, to his golden era Hip Hop releases. We discuss […]

Interview with Flux on sound design, beatmaking, Maschine, and more

OK fam, we are back with the MT Interview series! I know it’s been a while since the last one but as you may now realize, things have been pretty busy over the last year or so 🙂 However, we have some dope interviews lined up, including industry heads, indy heads, and people right out […]

Interview with Justin Aswell on Maschine finger drumming and more

If you’ve been watching youtube or even the Native Instruments site lately then you most likely know of Justin Aswell As shown in the above video, he was featured in one of the NI Maschine video promos. But those that know about Justin, part of Mr Invisible, know that he’s been drumming with his funky […]

Interview with Native Instruments Product Specialist Matt Cellitti

  Yo what’s good MT Fam Got an interview here for you with NI Product Specialist Matt Cellitti! This is one of the two guys that really got me into Maschine, I watched his demo video from Guitar Center and knew I had to get one. After that I started searching youtube, found knocksquared…and yeah…I […]

Interview with Justin Myracks aka F Major

Yo what’s good fam, I got another dope interview for ya. This time I had a chat with Justin Myracks aka F Major. I’ve been watching his videos on youtube way before we became friends so it’s definitely an honor to do this interview. We talk about how he got into Maschine, his music, sound […]

Interview with Mike Huckaby

Here is an audio interview I did with Mike Huckaby a few days before we opened the site. If you don’t know who he is…Google him! In addition to being very well known for his hand in detroit house/techno, a well known dj, he also teachs kids about music technology and production, including Maschine and […]

Interview with Taurus Scott

Currently operating as Native Instruments AR(Artist Relations) guy…. Taurus aka TS was also an in house engineer/producer for G-Unit, During which time he produced for 50 Cent and Gunit,Cory Gunz, Nipsey Hussle and more He’s also a dope live performance artist and has some nice glitch hop style music, where he mixes bangin tracks with […]

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