How to play chords in Maschine using a MIDI chord generator plugin

What’s good MT Fam!

I’ve received a lot of questions this year since Maschine had plugin hosting, wanting to know how to using midi generation plugins like chord players, etc, inside of Maschine.

We know that Maschine doesn’t allow internal MIDI routing, so my answer was always “maschine doesn’t have the proper routing yet”

One of our own MT fam hit me up about it, with a specific plugin he wanted me to try.

I tried it, and of course it didn’t work…but I couldn’t give up, I figured there had to be a way to make it work

Well, I found a different plugin, one that is FREE for both Mac and PC users, and spent some time to make it work.

*access instantly when you join today!

It works and the plugin is called Tonespace 2 :

It’s really dope and easy to use, check it out.

Also, make sure you have copperlan installed, it’s a virtual midi cable that makes this work flawlessly

You could probably use a physical midi loop, but I find this cleaner and it has less chance for creating a midi feedback loop

have fun fam!

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