How to use the new pinned pages in Maschine 1.7

Maschine 1.7 has a new feature called “pinned pages” it’s an update to “locking” the page. Previously you could go into say, note repeat, and lock it…however once you left the page, you’d have to lock it again when you come back. Now, you can lock or “pin” the page, so every time you go […]

Maschine 1.7 and Komplete 8 browser integration overview

Sup fam, just posting a video I put on Youtube showing off the new browser and komplete 8 integration in maschine 1.7 Just open up service center to download the free update

Maschine Public beta 3 is out now

The newest public beta has been released, Thomas posted the link in the public beta forum A new public beta version has just been released. This version includes the following improvements: Missing notes and double triggers fixed Sync issues with AU plugin in Logic and Live fixed Crash on closing plugin window fixed Pattern redraws […]

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