MT Quick Tip: How to quantize individual sounds in a pattern

A lot of times folks ask me how to quantize only a specific sound in a pattern, sometimes you want to quantize only the kick, or only the hat, or whatever, but still want to play all the sounds in at the same time. In this tutorial I show how to select the notes of […]

Sequencing Maschine inside of Logic

After watching the series saintjoe did on sequencing Maschine inside of a daw, I decided to have a look at using Maschine in Logic. This video shows the basics of setting it up, routing midi, audio, and using the environment area to handle all your routing. This definitely changes a lot of things for me […]

Workstation Workflow: Sequencing Dimenson LE with E-mu Mophatt module

This is another workstation workflow video for ya. This time I’m using Dimension LE, which I got free when I bought the Mophatt library. I used to have ONLY this library, I had the actual keyboard version, and a standalone sequencer, no sampler, nothing. So I used to make all my tracks with this 🙂 […]

Workstation Workflow: Sequencing with Kore 2

What’s up MT fam! Got something different for ya! This is part of my personal workflow, I like to sometimes limit myself to using one particular “workstation” style plugin just to challenge my creativity I wanted to share some of this workflow with my MT fam just to give you an idea into some of […]

Creating independent patterns when duplicating scenes

Before the 1.6 update, we were not able to create independent patterns when duplicating scenes. This made on the fly song creation a little bit more of a pain than it needed to be. Luckily NI listened and we can now do this. this tutorial shows how pattern duplication works in regards to duplicating and […]

Understanding and using the various pattern length settings

This may be a little more esoteric for many folks, in this tutorial I show what the different pattern lengths do, how to understand them, and where you may want to use them. I know most folks work in 1 bar pattern lenghts (the unit of the pattern) and just make patterns that vary from […]

Understanding the different scene playback, sync, and trigger settings

In this tutorial I show you the different options available for triggering your scenes. Specifically, how the scene sync settings work and what retrigger means. I go a little bit into the midi settings for the scenes as well, which gives you an idea of how you can use this to layout your performance in […]

Maschine pattern renaming, drag and drop patterns, drag and drop scenes

New in the Maschine 1.6 update is the ability to rename patterns, drag patterns around to arrange them, as well as the ability to drag scenes around.  If you are new to Maschine you probably don’t know the difference, but with this addition things become a lot more flexible and easier to keep track of. […]

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