Sequencing & Arranging

Learn how to put together songs, sequences, and arrangements directly in Maschine.

How to sequence your first beat in maschine

This tutorial shows you how to get started by creating your first beat in Maschine. We go through how to start a new pattern, setting the length, adjusting the grid, and starting the sequencer. I show how to get a count-in, start the metronome, and quantize your beat after the fact. This should help you […]

Recording your live performance as an audio file

In this tutorial I show you how to capture your live performance as an audio file directly in Maschine. With this method you can record yourself doing mutes, solos, tweaking fx, whatever you like…and save that as an audio file. Sometimes you come up with stuff just playing live that you wouldn’t come up with […]

Maschine song mode tutorial using scenes

This is a free maschine tutorial on understanding scenes as they relate to building songs in Maschine. Scenes in Maschine are used to bring your patterns together when building songs, this free tutorial shows you how it is done. For instant access to all advanced tutorials, the private members forum, free downloads, and more, join […]

Maschine Tutorials