FX & Audio Routing

These tutorials cover effects and audio routing, as well as using effects to adjust the sound of your projects in Maschine.

How to setup and use Izotope Stutter Edit inside of Maschine

Many have asked this question so I wanted to show it! This tutorial shows how to setup Stutter Edit or any other midi enabled fx inside of Maschine. Maschine makes this VERY easy and I LOVE using these types of fx in Maschine just because of how easy it is to route them. This video […]

Setting up your own custom multi fx

Maschine is pretty open when it comes to routing, and I find the best way to understand how a system works is to build something using the components of that system. So the best way to really get an understanding of Maschine and it’s fx is to build your own fx, routings, and multi fx! […]

Setting up parallel compression in Maschine using aux routing

There were questions on some tips and tricks for how to get your drums to bang or sound fatter in Maschine. One way of course is to use a compressor, another classic trick is parallel compression (sometimes called new york compression) when you mix the dry signal with the compressed signal of the track that […]

Maschine Tutorials