Mixing in Maschine – adjusting your sound levels to prevent clipping

So today I wanted to start a tutorial on mixing in Maschine as I get this question a lot. Sure, many prefer to export stems and mix in a daw, or load Maschine as a plugin and mix in a daw, but for those that want to mix in Maschine, here’s the beginning of some basic tips for that.

Personally, I rarely ever mix outside of Maschine, out of preference, I don’t mind the sound I get from within Maschine, but also, I’m not mixing 64 track projects either so, it’s really up to you and what you’re looking to do.

This tutorial just covers one of the starting points I feel is needed, making sure your sounds and groups are at the proper levels in relation to each other so that you aren’t clipping at the master output.

Keep in mind a few things: each song or track will be different in terms of what’s needed in the mix, and mixing is not the same as mastering, they are different processes.

This is more about getting you into thinking in the right terms or ideas and knowing what to look for by getting comfortable with the process. Ultimately, it’s going to be a preference thing and you will have your own personal way of approaching things. But there are some things…like clipping, which are universal.

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