Timbaland “Know About Me” Kick Drum Remake

Hey what’s good MT fam! Got a request from a member on how to remake the kick/bass drum from Timbaland’s “What you know about me” track. In this video Knock goes through the process of copying the style of the kick and remaking it directly inside of Maschine. As usual, if you have questions let […]

Maschine 2 Creating Custom Kick Drums

We had a question in the forum on how to create custom kick drums in Maschine to match or get close to drums heard in specific songs. In this video Knock shows how to craft new drums from scratch directly inside of Maschine and get them exactly or close to the sound you want from […]

Maschine 2 creating custom drum sounds using Polyplex

Hey what’s good fam? Just wanted to share a quick sound design tip with you for those using Komplete 10 or if you happened to pick up the new Polyplex instrument. Also keep in mind this process can be used with pretty much any plugin or sound generation tool even if you don’t own this […]

Creating custom drum sounds by drag and drop or resampling

Hey what’s good MT Fam? Just wanted to share a little tip on quickly creating new custom drum/percussion sounds in Maschine You could even use this method for creating hits and stabs as well. Maschine makes it easy to sample, and re-sample so I wanted to show a few workflows for layering your drums and […]

Maschine 2.0 understanding the drum synth hi-hat module

Hey what’s good fam! Hope all is well, just want to continue to make sure you understand everything that Maschine 2.0 has to over, this is a tutorial going over the hi-hat module in the Maschine 2 drum synth. As with the rest of the modules, this can be very useful and not just for […]

Maschine 2.0 playing chords internally using Cthulhu as a plugin in Minihost

I know many Maschine users are looking for a better way to use Cthulhu to play chords in Maschine 2.0 The routing still doesn’t allow us to use it directly but there’s an even smoother way than using an external plugin host. This video shows how to use Image Line’s Minihost modular plugin to play […]

Maschine 2.0 creating and saving your own multi layered instrument sounds

This is a continuation of the video I did on layering plugins and sounds in Maschine 2.0 In this video I go on further to show how you can create your own instruments using layering as well as how to build up your own bank of multi-layered instrument sounds. The process has been made very […]

Maschine 2.0 exploring the snare drum synth module

As we all know by now, one of the major new additions in Maschine 2.0 is the drum synth module. There are multiple versions of the module and we want to make sure you fully understand each one. This video runs through everything related to the snare drum synth module, including details for each engine, […]

Maschine 2.0 Understanding the kick drum synth module

So of course one of the major new additions in Maschine 2.0 is the drum synths, and we want to make sure you understand thoroughly how each one works. This video goes over everything about the kick drum synth module, including all of the different engine types, parameters for each, as well as how to […]

Maschine 2.0 How to layer multiple plugins and instruments internally

In the original Maschine I showed how to layer plugins or instruments internally but it required some special MIDI configuration and routing. However in Maschine 2.0 this is much easier and in this quick video I show how to do it. I have an exclusive turoial coming that will be showing how you can use […]

Creating custom drum sounds using drag and drop in Maschine

Hey what’s good fam, got another Maschine drum design tutorial for you. This time I’m showing how to create and layer your own new drum sounds using drag and drop. This particular method is a way I’ve been layering drums for many years and I think once you see it you’ll see the power. You […]

Using Motu BPM to design custom drums for Maschine

Yo what’s good fam, got a quick sound design tutorial for ya This one shows how to use Motu BPM and it’s layering options to create your own custom drum sounds for use in Maschine or anything else. I really like the layout of BPM drum layering, it’s really quick and easy to make some […]

How to build a drum kit on a single pad

Yo what’s good MT Fam! This is just a creative way to use Maschine’s sampler to build an entire drum kit on a single pad, similar to drum kits in Kontakt, keyboard workstations, etc. This is useful if you plan to process your drums all together, and don’t need separated drum hits. *access instantly when […]

Sound design in Maschine with Spectrasonics Omnipshere

What’s good MT fam! You know our main goal is to make sure you can make the music YOU want to make with Maschine. So if we need to do a tutorial on a third party software that you have we will….if we have it Had one of the MT fam ask about Omnisphere and […]

Creating custom sounds in Maschine using Kontakt 5

Yo what’s good MT Fam, just wanted to share a tutorial on sound design in Maschine with Kontakt 5. What I really dig about designing sounds in Maschine is it’s so quick to save what you made. Yeah, you can save multis in kontakt and all that, but I find saving custom sounds in Maschine […]

How to layer multiple plugins on a single pad without using KORE

Sup MT fam! I got a good one for ya, you know we love to experiment, for those that love to make their own sounds, mixing and matching different synths and such…you’re gonna love this one! For those that have KORE, you know how fund this can be. But KORE is no longer being developed […]

Making your own deep sub bass with the factory waveforms

Many don’t realize Maschine has all the basic waveforms and controls of a basic synth. In this basic sound design tutorial I want to show you how to use the factory sine wave to make your own sub bass. Instead of searching for that perfect bump, this will show you how to make your own! […]

How to layer plugins internally and play them from your keyboard

Yo what’s good MT fam, I wanted to put out a another free tutorial for the Maschine community as a whole on YouTube showing how to layer your plugins in Maschine. Not only that, I show it in a way that gets around the limitations of Pad Link mode which allows you to actually play […]

Turning a snare drum into a sub bass or synth instrument

Recently saw a question online about how to use an old school technique from the mpc to turn a snare or other drum into a bass You can use this method to create bass, synths, etc. It’s a good way to learn what the different sampling tools do as well. So I made a sub […]

How to layer drums and samples in maschine

This is a topic that is definitely something folks usually ask about Maschine. Layering drums and samples in maschine could use some work and improvement, it’s come a long way since the beginning, but still has a ways to go to make it even more intuitive and conducive to a fast workflow. Despite my feelings […]

How to make a wobble bass in maschine

I get a lot of questions on how to use Maschine to create a wobble/dubstep type bass sound. Now, with plugin support it’s so many ways and options, but I wanted to make a video to show how to do it directly in Maschine using the internal sounds and fx/settings.