Making your own deep sub bass with the factory waveforms

Many don’t realize Maschine has all the basic waveforms and controls of a basic synth. In this basic sound design tutorial I want to show you how to use the factory sine wave to make your own sub bass. Instead of searching for that perfect bump, this will show you how to make your own! […]

How to layer plugins internally and play them from your keyboard

Yo what’s good MT fam, I wanted to put out a another free tutorial for the Maschine community as a whole on YouTube showing how to layer your plugins in Maschine. Not only that, I show it in a way that gets around the limitations of Pad Link mode which allows you to actually play […]

Turning a snare drum into a sub bass or synth instrument

Recently saw a question online about how to use an old school technique from the mpc to turn a snare or other drum into a bass You can use this method to create bass, synths, etc. It’s a good way to learn what the different sampling tools do as well. So I made a sub […]

How to layer drums and samples in maschine

This is a topic that is definitely something folks usually ask about Maschine. Layering drums and samples in maschine could use some work and improvement, it’s come a long way since the beginning, but still has a ways to go to make it even more intuitive and conducive to a fast workflow. Despite my feelings […]

How to make a wobble bass in maschine

I get a lot of questions on how to use Maschine to create a wobble/dubstep type bass sound. Now, with plugin support it’s so many ways and options, but I wanted to make a video to show how to do it directly in Maschine using the internal sounds and fx/settings.

Create your own custom instruments from oneshot wave samples

This is another sampling and sound design tutorial to show you how to expand your library. This one shows you how to use oneshot wave samples in maschine, adjust the loop points, crossfade, etc, to make your own new instruments. below are two website I’ve used to get free oneshot samples from various synths and […]

Creating your own custom samples to chop in maschine

This maschine tutorial is all about finding and creating custom samples to chop up in maschine. I know many of us like to chop up records and songs, but I’m more of the type that goes royalty free when I can. I want to show you a way you can use royalty free libraries to […]

How to create your own custom sounds using single cycle waveforms

In this maschine tutorial I show you how to quickly and easily expand your own custom instrument sounds using maschine’s synth/sampler engine and single cycle waveforms. Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it sounds and can help you create your own sounds VERY quickly. This allows you to really expand your sound library and […]

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