Sound design in Maschine with Spectrasonics Omnipshere

What’s good MT fam!

You know our main goal is to make sure you can make the music YOU want to make with Maschine.

So if we need to do a tutorial on a third party software that you have we will….if we have it ๐Ÿ™‚

Had one of the MT fam ask about Omnisphere and just wanted a general overview of how to use it

So in this video I go over the interface, the main parameters, how to browse presets and sound sources as well as how to design your own sounds from the sound sources or by stacking and editing presets.

I also show how to map Omnisphere parameters to Maschine for automation, it’s not as simple as automap for many other plugins in Maschine


If there is something you want to know about deeper in Omnisphere let me know, also, if there are other plugins that you need explained so you can really get your music down let me know!

MT is all about Maschine….and the ecosystem it works in. I know everyone has different tools and products, we just want to make sure you’re able to use them with Maschine or in general so you can make the music you want!

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