Maschine 2.0 MIDI drag and drop in Ableton Live 9

Here’s a Maschine 2.o tip for our Ableton Live users, this shows how to properly drag and drop MIDI from Maschine into Live 9

Now, there have been some changes of course in terms of drag and drop, specifically with regard to how you have to setup your MIDI settings in Maschine so that the MIDI from Live will trigger your sounds properly.

For now, this way seems a lot cleaner than how we used to record MIDI live into Ableton because of all of the MIDI changes there are a bunch of MIDI loop/feedback issues with that method, hopefully they get it taken care of so we can do that again.

But if you prefer your MIDI data in Ableton for arranging and manipulation, this is an alternative to make it happen.

If you have questions just ask!

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