Tracking Out Audio

Learn how to route and record audio in real-time from Maschine into your favorite daw or app.

Maschine in Logic Pro – Tracking out audio in real time

This tutorial is showing how to record audio from Maschine in real time to separate audio tracks in Logic This is for those that like to record their stuff in real time, capturing their performance “in the flow” but still want to be able to mix and apply fx to each track separately later. of […]

Maschine in EnergyXT – Tracking out audio in real time

This is another quick video tutorial showing how to track maschine audio out in real time into your daw. This allows you to capture a performance in realtime, or just capture your arrangement. This one is for those using EnergyXT. This is another alternative to simply exporting your audio from the file menu, maybe you […]

Maschine in Ableton Live workflow part 7 – track out your beats to separate audio tracks in realtime

Yooooooooooo MT Fam! We getting close to the end of the Maschine in Ableton Live tutorial series….maybe ­čśë At least you should now have a good foundation of how to work with Maschine inside of Ableton In this video I show the 3rd way of working with them together, using Live to “track out” or […]

Bouncing your Maschine tracks into Sonar X1

Just downloaded the Sonar trial last night, wanted to see how to bounce tracks from Maschine into it for those that use it. So this is just a vid showing how to take what you have in Maschine and bounce it directly into Sonar X1 This is another option other than drag and drop or […]

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